Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Mars and the Earth

LOL..since I didn’t blog any thing before, so give out my first post in this valentine’s day. It is specially dedicated to this blog’s author –clp (the cow and worm, etc.) and her dear dear, tjj (the centipede??). Wish the '^^' couple have a happy valentine’s day la, appreciate and treasure the love lo and also ‘long long 99’ la (quoted from ^TC^).
Btw, clp ar.. u wont be 活在自己的世界里 already de la..coz hoh..neh u remember ma, ur tjj said before, he wanna bring u back to mars with all the safety equipment ma, so now u got him liao u 活在你们的世界 la..haha

#love from mars#

Lastly, wish 天下有情人终成眷属 la. Have a nice day!!


  1. So sweet of Mars?

    What about you xh? No valentine date?

  2. yalor..they romantic till chatbox also can see..haha..
    me no dating la..hehe