Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok lar..since I have nothing to do (in fact, lazy to do) before going back home blog something lo..but don’t know want to write what ler~~

Hmm..actually want to blog bout ‘how is mmu’ de..but then don’t know wan to write what ler~~nothing worth saying kaka (so ‘no good meaning’ de guy no answer for u la =P)

So, recently do what lai?
Go for class lor, sien-ing in the room lor, watch PPS tv lor (watched liao 2 movies), do assignment lor, and find room as well.
And did something (crazy?) during last weekend lor.

Ok lar..think dao thing to write maths teacher.
So, she is a lecturer completely different to our dearest Spec Maths teacher, Ms. Lucia. So luckily I took Spec Maths before, or else I think I won’t be able to cope with this subject liao.
My maths teacher is a PhD graduate with a ‘Dr.’ infront of her name. So she is geng de, but teach like train lor. So lo..but then the maths teacher is quite good also de la..if u ask her questions she will answer lo.
Funny thing comes when an international student ask her bout something she will like change face liao~~weird. Then a conclusion comes out, maybe the international student is too 优雅~~doesn’t suit the maths lecturer style. =P
Ok..something like this la.

Btw, clp ar..gambate in ur calculus test la, on sat right? Then fri also got test hoh?..also add oil lo..
To clp n yen n rachel ~ congratz for getting into rural camp la. Clp don’t make the children like u wor..wakakakaka

To da mu zhu jerr ~ got fat liao ma u?? haha..ok la since u like pictutre so much, give u one la~~

自恋-ing 的大母猪

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