Thursday, February 19, 2009



i feel bit regretful leh...bcoz just now got bio test...then i came out of the class after 20 min i thk..huhu..

i feel that i should stay in the class even though i had done the questions...maybe i can recheck and recheck the ans again la..sort of that..

haha..on the way back, i saw ang pok pok somewhere in front of block C la..he was late..then hor he carried a big black bag on his back..haha..never saw him carried big bag ma..den he you late wor...looked a bit funny la..

then i told him i got test and i came out early before the time ended..then he also said that i was wrong..haha...he said i should stay in the class.."chu lai jiu shi cuo liao de"..i agree de~

then..walking back to hostel..i suddenly teringat you..i still remember last time we got maths quizes..everytime when we finish, we sure give signals to each other n 'giah' 'mo qi'!!!

but may be this time, i feel odd because i walk out from the class alone..and i sat in the front rows leh..

n a very 8 de boy la..he is also rural camp de..but ex- de la..walau...he jiu shi yen's idol who is the 1st 1 that successfully bomb dao rachel(mentioned in yen's blog..pergi read la if feel interested)...he is in the same class with me la..when i was going out from the class..i passed by him..then he kacau kacau n said :"bio queen.."swt~
just feel like if i could stay longer in the class in recheck the answers again,then may be i will do better leh..心理作用??

hoho..after all,i still hope that we all can get good results lo..yen yen,rachel n others who gt test^^..

amituofo la..

*thk dao u make me feel better leh..haha..if u were in d class..perhaps,we would go out from d cls tgt leh..?haha..actually i stil duno wad make me feel bad liao o..say jor so much thg..>.<..

haha..xiu huan,jia you!!!xie xie ni!!!

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  1. aiyo..scared me leh ur post~~
    make me dont know want to say what liao
    aiya..think dao the 'giah' de shuang lo..hehe
    nvm's ok de la
    u add oil la..