Sunday, March 22, 2009



Hmm chatted with huiying on Saturday night and her questions to me were like..WALAU..aiyo..wish you can find a seven figures de bf la..and before that get into um first la..

Then jiu think dao yeen n von (the bear and the cow..hiaha) ..dont know how are them liao..long time no come out yamcha le leh.. guess their AS and A2 exam is coming soon..

Then jiu think dao last time we baked biscuits de shuang eh..lots of memories running in my mind~~

Then clp bla liao so many sociology de thing in your blog..also don’t know what are them..though u said 4 chapter nia..but feel like they are damn long jiang..kaka..good luck la u

Then clp de bf ar..thanks for saying me sensible hah..but in fact I still don’t know I did make a right decision

Then Rachel ar..good luck for ur assignments la..i also got a lot to hols le leh..can’t enjoy so much also..have to drown into ‘mi mi ma ma’ punya english words..zz..btw u watching what drama now o?..any nice de to recommend..wana watch also

Then bak leo tai ar..seems like u always get entangled by maths jiang..haha..gambate la..then teringat last time rach’s PM there got write L^5/6 liao leh..55 go pick one la

Then beeheng ar..jiu think dao u lo..think dao ur room..ur bed..ur 放去洗衣机洗过的bear (is bear hoh?) lol..3M la..

Then da mu zhu jerr ar..seems like u are enjoying ur life very much from ur pm de la..thinking to find a purple pig for u..i later go google xia

nah..the best i can find..quite nice n quite zilian xia..suits u

another one..cute xia..but is it a pig? (i prefer this hehe)

Ok la..

PS1: clp, huiying said wana go midv wor..kaka

PS2: a questions mark for u, really can’t think where u find the questions mark not nice de..hiaha

this one nicer colour de somemore..good for

PS3: this time de ps lesser

PS4: this post seems like got a lot of photos leh

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