Friday, April 17, 2009

张丽萍 >> 有可爱肥仔啊!!!

Overall, this week busy-busy belaka la. Then yesterday just finish ethics test, my first test at night, then later jiu watch liao starMillion.

This posts mainly to tell clp that starMillion5 got one fat and cute guy, so maybe u will interest on him lar, free jiu go find and watch
Btw, starMillion5 1st episode got huang jing lun also..cute cute..kaka

Hmm, then an entertaining photo taken after presentation on Monday.


ps1: actually wana put photo of ah kam and bunny as a start of this posts de to describe the 小巫见大巫, but just found that I don’t have their photo taken together and the photo I got from ah kam is not obvious in showing the effect. Btw, seems like bunny kurus liao lo..

ps2: am now craving for dim sum..arhhh..hmm as well as other nice nice de food la..home food for sure

ps3: hopefully next Friday is free de la^^

ps4: recently love to listen lin zhi xuan punya songs so wana go find more of his songs ler

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  1. arh....i wan 2 c cute fei zei!!!!hahaha
    i wan i wan..
    u gt watch star miliion 4 bo?